Listed below are answers to some Frequently Asked Questions. The list will be updated as we receive additional information from the Texas Education Agency. The link to the TEA is also listed at the bottom of this list.

Q - Which courses have an EOC test?
A- There are 4 content areas that are tested - English/Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science. 
ELA - English I, English II, 
Math - Algebra I, 
Social Studies - United States History, 
Science - Biology.

Q - What do students have to make on each test in order to graduate?
Previous Standard Level                                       New Standard Level
 Level 1  Does Not Meet Grade Level
 Level II (current passing standard)  Approaches Grade Level
 Level II Final  Meets Grade Level
 Level III Advanced  Masters Grade Level

Q - What about retesting?
A - If a student doesn't achieve the minimum score required, then the student SHALL retake the assessment.
  • A student does NOT have to retake a course in order to retake an EOC assessment.

Q - Is there a time limit on the new tests?
A - There is a 5 hour limit for the English 1 and English 2 tests.  There is a 4 hour limit for the Algebra, Biology and US History.

Q - How will non-traditional methods of course work (such as dual credit, correspondence courses, etc.) be affected?
A - If a student receives credit in a course for which an EOC assessment is offered, the student is required to take the EOC assessment for graduation purposes, regardless of the setting in which the student takes the course.