Sick or Well??

 Send a child to school or keep them home?

No parent wants a child to miss school without good reason, but sending a sick child to class can make a condition worse and put other children at risk. The following guidelines can help make that tough morning decision:

 Do not keep a child home for:

1.    Sniffles, a runny nose and a mild cough without fever.

2.    Vague complaints of aches, pains, or fatigue.

3.    A single episode of diarrhea or vomiting without any other symptoms.

Keep a child home when he/she has:

1.    A fever of 100 or more for atleast 24 hours after fever subsides without fever reducing medication

2.    Persistent vomiting or diarrhea the night before

3.    Strep throat for 24 hours after first dose of medication

4.    Undiagnosed rash with fever

5.    Head lice - till all live lice and virtually all nits are removed

6.    A persistent productive cough and wheezing with thick constant nasal discharge

7.    Chickenpox - Stay home until blisters are scabbed over.

8.    Pinkeye - Yellow discharge, eyes matted together after sleep, eye pain and redness.

Please keep your child home for 24 hours after the first dose of antibiotics are given unless you have a physician's note.

Please call the attendance clerk in the office by 9:00 concerning your child's absence.

Medication Safety Tips: A Guide to Protecting Children